Alchemy of the Extraordinary

An intensive 4-week course in Devised Theatre and Creative Practice 

Created and led by David Glass

Developed and run by Korina Kokkali and Simon Gleave

1st – 27th July 2024

Athens, Greece 

David Glass Ensemble Learning and JEUDi present Alchemy of the Extraordinary, a 4-week intensive training in Creative Practice and Devised Theatre. 


“David Glass’s Creative Practice is a unique and courageous exploration 

of the archetypal experience of being human.”

Peter Brook, International Theatre Director

Designed by modern master David Glass and developed and co-delivered with Korina Kokkali and Simon Gleave, Alchemy of the Extraordinary is an intensive training course in creative practice and devised theatre making. This series of workshops will comprise the five-stage creative practice alongside experiential research into the The Child, The Adolescent, the Elder, as well as exploration of physical work and storytelling.

David Glass’s work has influenced and been employed by theatre companies and educational, social development and corporate organisations around the world (UN, Save the Children, Gecko, 111 Program and many more).

Alchemy course is noted for its rigour, playfulness and impact. Over a 4-week period, 6 days per week and 8 hours per day, David, Simon and Korina will lead participants through a transformative skill-based experience of the Alchemy creative framework. David will be mentoring each artist through pre meetings online, in person during the first and last week and de briefing post course. Simon and Korina, close collaborators of David and teachers of his methodology will lead on its teaching through the weeks 2 and 3.

Participants will come away with the tools to integrate and strengthen what they already do in their own practice, broadening and deepening their ability to devise theatre and develop creative projects from an authentic and provocative place be it in the arts, education, social development or corporate environments. 

Alchemy of the Extraordinary is an international project that has run for 3 consecutive years with over 30 participants from more than 12 countries including Europe, US, Canada and Australia. Our aim is to create a network of creatives and a community that continues to grow and inform further than the course itself. 

Participants have said of the course:

Cleo Quesne (Actor-Theatre Maker_Alchemy participant 2023): It was very interesting to focus on the specifics, take time to slow down, look at life and de-touch ourselves from our art. This workshop is not about learning skills but interrogating the skills you may already have. As a young person I would recommend it as it is different from school, you are not getting marked and it’s more about opening yourself, which happened to me. 

Kay Brattan (Theatre Director & Maker_Alchemy participant 2023 The course was intense in a good way, it was beautifully challenging in a very safe space to feel that I could take risks, I could interrogate myself, my artistry and go to places I felt cut off from my everyday life up to this point. There is a ritual of searching what it means to be a creator and every challenge even the failures and the successes did really push me as an artist and it is something other artists should take in their practice and consider doing in the future. This course is absolutely different from other courses that try to teach you a set way of working of other practitioners’ format; in this process even if David was sharing his format with us it’s very much about us taking it onto ourselves.That is really special about it, it is not about becoming a copy of something, but how you find the embodiment of yourself in it and there is an individual approach of what that work is. 

Marco Aurelio Di Giorgio (Theatre Practitioner & Researcher_Alchemy participant 2022): As a creative practice, I realise I haven’t encountered a structured creative practice before….

Amy Hailwood (Theatre Director & Maker_Alchemy participant 2022): What stands out for me is partly the length of time that allows the group dynamic to form and […] that we have gone to some really deep places in ourselves and that allowed us to do really interesting creative work together.

Lidjia Burcak (Writer – Filmmaker- Alchemy participant 2021):I completely lost the sense of time somehow, it was quite exhausting to do the workshop in the sense that I was diving really deep into emotions, experiences, everything that makes me, my history, my stories.

Neyire Ashworth (Performer – Musician – Facilitator_Alchemy participant 2021): Finding our voice through going back to the child and the play of that and also the adolescent and the madness of adolescence, really spending time on those places and discovering ourselves, who I am through that. It released me, it reminded me of the performer that I am.

Fees and Accommodation

The fee for the 4-week course is EUR 1,440, with a concession price of EUR 1,140 for students. We will request a deposit of EUR 300 to secure your place, which is non-refundable except in extreme circumstances.

You may also already be thinking about the logistics of taking part in the course. We suggest people looking for accommodation near the Dance Studio (where we are spending most of our time) should look around the areas below: Lycovrissi, Pefki, Maroussi, N. Irakleio, N. Ionia, Kato Kifissia, Metamorphosi. We can connect participants to Airbnb and guest-room options whereby they can rent a single room or shared accommodation well located for the workshop. Participants are welcome to find their own accommodation while in Athens!

“David Glass Ensemble is a creative powerhouse with innovation at its heart. David’s thinking has been woven through the UK’s Art in Business movement, inspiring my work with organisations around the world, and that of countless others.” 

David Pearl, Founder Pearl Group

Places for the intensive course will be limited to 12 students. Please submit your application to take part in this form by APRIL 30TH  2024. 

For more information, contact us with any questions at

Life is at its heart creative and the narratives and emotions that surround us are the stuff that build our practice. The course will be primarily experiential, exploring the creative reservoirs of the Child, Adolescent and Elder that is present in our lives before supplying the Creative Practice framework to shape these experiences.

The Creative Practice constitutes Five Stages, all of which must occur to create rich, authentic and original work: Preparation, Origination, Organisation, Realisation and Reflection. We will explore each of these stages through games, exercises and forum work. 

David will also apply his Modes of Creativity, found in nature and revealed in each participant: Adaptors, Translators, Replicators, Integrators, Transformers. We will work individually with each participant, strengthening their capacities to lead, collaborate on and realise projects, growing from their distinctive qualities, attitudes and behaviour. 

“I am inspired by [David Glass’]  thinking and experience and community in the theatre… his objective is vital and true.” Mark Rylance, Actor 

“David is one of the great teachers and artists of our time who has never been afraid to examine truth in all its manifestations; both beautiful and ugly, and has touched thousands of souls in a lifelong quest to connect and build meaningful relationships. He has the rare gift of marrying the deep intellect and knowledge of a scholar with the playful inquisitiveness of a child.” Amit Lahav, Artistic Director – Gecko

 “David Glass remains one of the pioneers and key figures of British and International Theatre.” 

John McGrath, Artistic Director of Manchester International Festival

About David Glass

A small number of individuals and companies have led the post-war age of performance and digital arts. As one of those, David Glass is among this group. He has delivered his clear learning framework for Creative Practice in 87 countries. This included work with the Ministry of Education China, The UN, Save The Children and numerous theatre companies around the world. David’s work bridges his teachers: Lecoq, Grotowski, Boal, Alfreds and Aley. David now wishes to consolidate his legacy by bringing his progressive and creative approaches to a new generation of mavericks and creative change makers. The David Glass Ensemble develops long term sustainable work through original work, adaptations and ongoing socially relevant projects (such as The Lost Child Project, AB Project and This Changes Everything – concerning itself with Climate Change, Capitalism and Ecocide).

About David Glass Ensemble

David Glass Ensemble is an artist led international theatre company creating vibrant, relevant and powerful theatre. Since 1979 David Glass has been performing and creating across the world, then in 1990 he established the David Glass Ensemble as a pioneering physical, devised and applied theatre company. Creative learning and engagement with artists and audiences around the world is central to the company’s ethos, while vivid, celebratory storytelling sits at the heart of the company’s values and process. In 2023, we presented Brides as part of the London International Mime Festival to great success.

About JEUDi

JEUDi is an arts organisation led by Korina Kokkali and Simon Gleave that combines a performance company with a school for dance, performance and creativity. JEUDi aims to become a platform for discovery in new social and artistic pathways, for individual and collective interrogation into the permanences of creativity and connectivity. Their latest work ROBA explores the play of relationships and rhythms developed through a creative process that seeks to transpose the mental and physical disintegration of the conditions of Parkinson’s and Dementia into movements, songs and spaces. It is also part of a research project exploring the role of creativity in care, predominantly through the lens of play called PAREA. The development of the projects moves between the UK and Greece with their first performance happening in March 2024 in Athens. 

Simon and Korina have worked with David Glass the last 6 years, taught and mentored by him. Their aim is to continue his work and spread the word of his method. 

Hosted by Eligeo Dance School

Dance & Ballet School of Elissavet Georgoudi was founded in 1995 with the vision of becoming a living cell of education, physical training, joy and love for dance. The aim is to offer the special education of dance and create the right circumstances for the growth and development of the student. The founder Elissavet Georgoudi believes that dance is a way of life and existence. It’s a way of expressing our senses and minds either as a simple game or as simple steps; dance is appealing to us, enhances us and drives us to participate in the movement of the universe. 

Collaborating with PLYFA

PLYFA was born from the need to form a dynamic platform that cultivates, supports, and promotes creative freedom by offering artists a space for experimentation, collaboration, and exchange of ideas.

Through collaborative and external productions, PLYFA hosts a diverse programme of music, dance, theatre, performing, and plastic arts from both emerging and established artists, offering the public opportunities to interact with contemporary art forms and encouraging an open dialogue with society.

PLYFA is part of an urban ecosystem of artists’ studios and creative businesses that have taken residence in the building complex of the former Athens Knitting-Weaving Works (PL.YF.A) in the heart of Votanikos, a neighbourhood intertwined with the city’s industrial heritage.

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